About Our Clinic

From time to time life throws us a curveball that we need help hitting. Many people don’t like to admit they may need help, guidance, or just someone to talk to who is removed from the situation. Life also has a way of bringing on challenges both mental and physical that we are not quite sure how to cope with.

There is no shame in seeking guidance through life’s challenges. The only shame should be in not seeking help when one needs it. I am a very firm believer that every single person at least once in their life needs to seek some kind of therapy, counseling, guidance, or whatever you may wish to call it.

We would love to be entrusted with helping you work through any difficulties you may be facing. It’s understood that we live in a small community where a lot of people know each other. Your confidentiality will always be taken very seriously and respected as the number one priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can request an appointment on our Contact page or contact us by phone at 435.705.9571. You can also send us a message through our Contact page.

How long do appointments go for?

Appointments are 50-55 minute sessions unless prior arrangements have been made.

How much is the cost of a self-pay session?

The fee for a 50 min. therapy session is $125 per session for self pay.  Payment will be required the day of the session. My billing program will bill your card automatically after each session if you prefer to pay that way.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Simply give us a text or call. Things come up, life happens, we totally understand. We are always happy to reschedule an appointment anytime with more than 24 hours notice. However, there will be a $60 fee for sessions canceled within 24 hours of the original session time or if there is a no show.

Do you accept insurance?

We accept insurance from the following providers:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Clergy Payment
  • EMI
  • Health Savings Plans
  • Medicaid (Southwest Behavioral Health)
  • Out-of-Network
  • PEHP
  • Regence
  • Select Health
  • Self-Pay
  • United Health

Did you know that even if I am not on your in-network provider list for your insurance company you still may qualify for out-of-network provider coverage? Your insurance company can reimburse you for part of your session for seeing an out-of-network provider or they will add towards your deductible if it is in your plan.

How do I know what my insurance will cover?

If you want to find out if your particular plan and insurance company will cover your sessions and how much they will cover or if there is a deductible simply call your insurance company and ask these following questions:

  • Do I have mental health benefits or coverage? If so what is it?
  • Can I see an out-of-network therapist? If so what paperwork do I need to provide from my therapist for reimbursement and how do I do this?
  • Do I have any out of pocket amount I have to meet before my benefits kick in?
  • What percentage of the session does my insurance pay? (80/20 or 50/50)
  • How many sessions do I get per calendar year?
  • Do I have to get prior-authorization before I see a therapist?