About Our Clinic

From time to time life throws us a curveball that we need help hitting. Many people don’t like to admit they may need help, guidance, or just someone to talk to who is removed from the situation. Life also has a way of bringing on challenges both mental and physical that we are not quite sure how to cope with.

There is no shame in seeking guidance through life’s challenges. The only shame should be in not seeking help when one needs it. I am a very firm believer that every single person at least once in their life needs to seek some kind of therapy, counseling, guidance, or whatever you may wish to call it.

We would love to be entrusted with helping you work through any difficulties you may be facing. It’s understood that we live in a small community where a lot of people know each other. Your confidentiality will always be taken very seriously and respected as the number one priority.

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Counseling for Any Situation

No matter where you are in life, or what you struggle with, a well-trained, outside perspective is often exactly what is needed to help find the best path forward.

We're here to help.

Sometimes a little guidance is all it takes to get your life and relationships back on track. We’re here to help provide a new perspective, a touch of wisdom, and in some cases mediation to help achieve balance in your family dynamic.

Adolescent & Teen Counseling

The teenage years can be tough. We can help provide guidance for teens and the struggling parents of adolescents.

Adult Counseling

Sometimes an outside perspective is all it takes to help point you in the right direction. We can help provide guidance with one-on-one one counseling.

Telehealth Services

Licensed in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah, we can see anyone living in those states via Telehealth.

Trauma and PTSD

Trauma takes many forms and dealing with it is never easy. We are also Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) certified.

Areas We Serve

We are currently licensed in the following states:

Utah: In-person counseling in southern Utah, telehealth appointments also available.

Idaho: Telehealth appointments available.

Arizona: Telehealth appointments available.

Nevada: Telehealth appointments available.

Confidence in Confidentiality

We live in a small community where a lot of people all know each other.  We take confidentiality very seriously and respect confidentiality as a number one priority.

Who We Are

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The first step to change is finding the courage to act. That action can be as easy as a phone call or an email.