“Nichole Rammell is a fantastic therapist!! She is very professional while still being personable and genuinely caring about each individual client.

“She has provided me with many tools to help me through each day. Nicole has the ability to understand what I mean, even when I cannot fully express myself.

“One of the best things is that she is upfront and honest! She says what you need to hear and doesn’t beat around the bush. Nichole answers questions with honesty and gives you an unbiased opinion on all situations that you may present to her.

“I always feel that she cares about me and what I am dealing with. She has helped me to see the world around me in a more positive light. I highly recommend Nichole to anyone that wants to improve themselves!!!”


“I just want to take a minute and express my gratitude for Nichole. She has been amazing to work with. She is great at what she does and truly has love and concern for those she works with.

“I have felt such great support in working with her. Nichole does an awesome job to make sure she can see you.

“I’ve had some pretty weird schedules and she has definitely gone out of her way for me, for that I am very grateful. Nichole has helped me with clarity and self-improvement. I love her insight and the way she delivers it. I would highly recommend Nichole to anyone. Thank you for being so awesome and for helping me see who I truly am!!’


“I am very happy I found Nichole! She has helped me profoundly on my issues that I have gone through and continue to go through. She provides me with great insight and professional support. Thank you Nichole!”


“I have been working with Nichole for just about a year. I was raised in such a way to believe that therapy was for the weak and for everyone else.

“Because of the way I was raised and taught to be a tough guy, “cowboy up” I had a lot of walls Nichole had to break down.

“Over time we were able to do just that. Nichole took the time to understand what method worked best for me. For me it was the direct and kind of blunt method.

“There have been days that I really did not want to go to the session and days that I left frustrated. As the weeks passed and I did my part each week I have found who I am, what I need in life, and what really matters.

“It has not been easy for me. It has been worth every second and every penny. I would highly recommend Nichole to anyone, she has changed my life. I wish I had set up therapy with Nichole years ago.”