Kelsey Jones 2k

Kelsey Jones



Life is full of struggle and hardship that can take its toll on us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is my belief that, through therapy, there can be healing and growth in all areas of life. Therapy can give us the tools and hope to continue moving forward to find peace and happiness amidst the constant struggles we face.

My own experiences both in childhood and as an adult have led me to pursue this career. Having been through my own journey of finding and embracing my authentic self, going through a divorce, having a faith transition, and having been a single mother, I have a greater understanding and empathy for others and their individual experiences. Nothing can feel worse than trying to find your way blindly through the hardest moments of your life. My goal and desire is to be there to walk with those who are looking for that support.

I am a native of St. George and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Dixie State University. I am currently in the master’s program for Marriage and Family Therapy at Dixie State University with plans to graduate in May of 2022. My interests are founded in couples and family work as well as individual work in trauma, faith transitions, and the LGBTQ+ community.

My interests outside of the therapy room include anything outdoors. I love to hike, swim, bike, and get my hands dirty in my garden. I love playing games with my family as well as expanding my knowledge with good books and traveling to new and exciting places with my wife.